The purpose of Qualify is to help you make an intelligent decision on the purchase of your next home. Through our custom rating system you can rate the homes you look at on your mobile device, save the details and compare home ratings against each other at your convenience. Qualify is beneficial to different types of real estate buyers in the market - whether you’re a first time buyer looking at an apartment, a seasoned buyer looking to upgrade into a bigger house, or a business buyer looking to make an investment.

How does Quality work?
  1. Setup your configurations: We all have different requirements for our ideal home so we ask that you setup the rating scales so they best suit your needs.
  2. While browsing your potential home, rate all the different facets of it: Age, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Size, and Price etc…
  3. Save your rating and repeat for the next one your look at.
  4. Compare your ratings against each other to see which property appealed to you the most.

Note: Qualify is simply a rating tool, we are not liable in any real estate investments you make based on our suggested ratings.

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